The "Manades" are bull and/or horse farms.

The work of breeders with the Camargue bull is a family affair. Bulls are wild and fascinating animals that don't cheat. The manadiers and guardians at their side, consider them almost like their own children and live at their own pace. Respect for these frank and powerful animals who live all year round in semi-freedom, "at home", in their pastures is the driving force behind their relationship. The purpose of a herd is to "bring out" a great cockadeer from the herd and thus be able to value the work of a lifetime. You may have the privilege in this Heart of Petite Camargue , to be welcomed by these enthusiasts who will open their doors to you in order to pass on a piece of their life to you. It is an invitation to discovery and not a show that they are going to share with you. You will “ become part of their family ”.

manade felix aimargues manade groul

Discovery days and Camargue evenings

Some "manades" exclusively welcome groups during discovery days , but some welcome individuals.

This is by appointment only, with herders trying to book farm visits for small groups .

Various options are available depending on the time of your visit. They will welcome you either during the day for visits to the farm on foot, in a horse-drawn carriage or in a 4X4, or in the evening for a Camargue evening with a typical meal from the region. Our "manadiers" partners offer these events throughout the summer - find them in the agenda.

Camargue vigils!


Camargue vigil on Wednesdays in July, Wednesdays and Fridays in August and certain dates in September.


Route de Gallician - 30640 Franquevaux

T.33 (0)6 27 86 34 42



Camargue vigil on Thursday evening, from mid-June to the end of September.


Mas les Hourtès - 30740 le Cailar

T.33 (0)6 12 33 57 48



Camargue vigil on Wednesdays in July and August.


Mas of Peace - 30600 Montcalm

T.33 (0)6 25 73 84 85







Manade Aurélie Puig

Manade Aurélie Puig

At the heart of a Camargue horse farm!

+33 (0)6 61 16 48 95
domaine de sylvéréal

Manade de Sylvéréal

On the edge of the Petit Rhône, in the heart of a wild and authentic Camargue, come and discover the Domaine de Sylvéréal within a small train

+33 (0)6 84 49 90 34
manade félix

Manade Félix

The breeder Thierry Félix and his gardians will be happy to welcome you in Aimargues, in Petite Camargue.  

+33 (0)6 74 86 36 70
manade agnel

Manade Jean-Élie Agnel

Marie and Jean-Élie welcome you in a unique place in Le Cailar, Le Mas Les Hourtès.

+33 (0)6 12 33 57 48
manade lafisca

Manade Lafisca

Ludivine, Manadière welcome you in the purest Camargue tradition.

+33 (0)6 27 24 09 34
manade martini franquevaux

Manade Martini

Manade receiving groups from April to October and individuals during the Camarguaises vigils in summer.

+33 (0)6 27 86 34 42
manade Saint-Louis

Manade Saint-louis

In respect of Camargue traditions, the Groul family, propose to discover and share their passion.

+33 (0)6 11 42 24 14