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The protected sites of the Camargue Gardoise open their doors to you all year round. From interpretation trails to observatories, you can stroll at your own pace through the region's nature reserves, as the seasons go by. Whether you're an ornithology enthusiast, a photographer or simply a vacationer with a passion for flora and fauna, you'll discover the Camargue's most emblematic birds.

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Bird watching

Discover the fascinating diversity of Camargue birds during your visit, as the Camargue Gardoise is reputed to be a veritable paradise for birdwatchers, offering a privileged habitat for numerous bird species.

The Grand Site de France de la Camargue gardoise is the ideal place to observe birds in their natural environment. Featuring well-developed trails and strategically-located observatories, the nature reserves allow you to admire the region's emblematic species, such as pink flamingos, herons, egrets and many others.

The Camargue is home to a wide variety of habitats, including marshes, ponds and meadows, offering a diversity of bird-friendly ecosystems. 

Take advantage of a visit to the Camargue Gardoise to learn more about the region's bird species. Information panels, qualified guides and animators are available to provide you with detailed information on the birds you observe.

Plan your visit to the Camargue nature reserves now and get ready for an unforgettable birdwatching experience. Enjoy the natural beauty of the region and marvel at the diversity of Camargue birds that make this destination a true paradise for nature lovers.

The Camargue gardoise is home to a wide variety of birds, providing essential habitat for many migratory, breeding and wintering species. Here are just a few of the Camargue's emblematic birds:

  1. Grey heron: The grey heron is a large wading bird that can be seen in the wetlands of the Camargue. It is easily recognized by its gray plumage and long beak.

  2. Little egret: A small white wader, the little egret is frequently seen in the marshes and lagoons of the Camargue. It is distinguished by its elegant plumage and yellow beak.

  3. Tadorne de Belon: This duck with its contrasting plumage is a regular resident of the Camargue gardoise.gardoise Males are distinguished by their emerald-green heads, while females have brownish plumage.
  4. Elegant Avocet: Recognized by its upwardly curved beak, the elegant avocet is a migratory bird that nests in the coastal marshes of the Camargue. Its black and white plumage makes it easily identifiable.
  5. Marsh Harrier: This elegant bird of prey is frequently found in the meadows and marshes of the Camargue. It is distinguished by its dark brown plumage and characteristic flight.
  6. Green-winged Teal: This small migratory duck is present in winter in the ponds and lagoons of the Camargue. Males have brilliant plumage and a reddish head, while females are more discreet.
  7. Pink flamingo: The pink flamingo is emblematic of the Camargue. The region's vast salt marshes are the nesting and feeding grounds of this majestic species..

These are just a few examples of the multitude of bird species that can be observed in the Camargue gardoise. The region is a veritable birdwatcher's paradise, offering exceptional birdwatching opportunities.

Prepare your birdwatching holiday!

Would you like to organize a unique experience in the heart of the Gard Camargue? Discover our partners who will share their passion and take you off the beaten track. Below, you'll find all the information you need to make your stay a success! Naturalist guides, photo courses, nature reserves and their guides, suitable accommodation and the Grand Site de France eco-tourism map.



Want to South guest rooms outside

Envie de Sud

Discover nature reserves with an ornithologist ! Envie de Sud offers you all-inclusive birdwatching holidays. A 5-night nature break and 7-day excursion. For the full program and upcoming dat...

Chambre d'hôtes de référence
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Furnished tourist rental envy of south Vauvert

Envie de Sud - Grand bonheur privé

Discover nature reserves with an ornithologist ! Envie de Sud offers you all-inclusive birdwatching holidays. A 5-night nature break and 7-day excursion. For the full program and upcoming dat...

+33 (0)4 66 88 67 01
furnished accommodation with pink flamingos Envie de Sud in Vauvert

Envie de Sud - Flamants Roses

Furnished tourist accommodation "Pink Flamingos" of 30 m2 for 2/4 people in a splendid vineyard house "Envie de Sud" in Vauvert.

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jean-marie espuche

La Maison du Guide de Camargue

Jean-Marie guides you to meet the Camargue emblematic birds.

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reserve du petit rhône

La réserve du Petit Rhône

La réserve du Petit Rhône is a site of approximately 70 hectares, in which you can take marked trails on foot

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camargue gardoise

Maison du Grand Site de France

The Home of the Grand Site de France de la Camargue Gardoise is a tourist home dedicated to the Camargue gardoise landscapes.

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centre du scamandre

Scamandre Centre

The Scamandre Centre will allow you to walk in the heart of large protected areas in Camargue.

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