The Heart of the Petite Camargue Tourist Office is a partner of the Taureau de Camargue “Site Remarquable du Goût” (remarkable culinary site), a national label that distinguishes regions for an emblematic production. As an association, members of the network promote the development of local agriculture, the dissemination of traditional cultures, the preservation of an exceptional environment and the development of a quality tourist welcome.

Restaurants, “manadiers”, butchers, accommodation providers and leisure partners welcome you throughout the year to discover the unknown flavours of Taureau de Camargue.

taureau de camargue

The AOP bull meat is naturally dark red in colour. The qualities and the particular character of the meat in terms of taste can be explained by the great variety of vegetation present on the pastures: halophytes (glasswort, opposite-leaved saltwort, sea purslane etc.), as well as reed and fescue in a mild environment. The fineness of its grain is characterised by the type of muscle fibres that are developed by the regular movements of animals on pasture in extensive system (free-moving herd). These voluntary and frequent movements of the animals encourage the muscles to draw from the body’s fat for nourishment, providing a meat that is low in fat and rich in taste.

Taureau de Camargue

Taureau de Camargue is bred by farmers known as “manadiers”. Some breeding activities (sorting and identification of animals in particular) are an opportunity to organise events within the “manade” (farm) itself. The services offered by the “manadiers” are generally festive and are intended for groups or individuals.

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