“Our region is a reflection of the heart of the Camargue Gardoise, authentic, no frills, no folklore... a ‘raw’, natural place...”

An exceptional region

The Camargue Gardoise is a link between the Costières hillsides and the sea, a bridge linking the wetlands of the Hérault and the Rhône delta. It represents a culmination of all that the Camargue has in store for you: The diversity, richness and beauty of its wild landscapes. The passion of the local people and the “Fé di Bioù” (faith in the bull) that make this region come alive during traditional festivals, generous celebrations of our Camargue culture. The contrast between the rough exterior of our region and the gentleness of the people who live here.

With a strong character, these passionate men and women will warm you heart as they share their expertise with you.

chevaux et taureaux de camargue chevaux et héron etang du crey
héron pourpré

Lagoons and reed beds are an important resting area for many species of birds including 9 different types of heron. Around any corner, you might come across a purple heron or a cattle egret which is prone to landing on the back of the Camargue horses... not to be confused with the other emblematic bird, the little egret, who has a black beak. You might catch a glimpse of the marsh harrier, a dark brown hawk, spinning in search of prey, and watch out for the black-winged stilt that will chase you to protect its young.

These wetlands play host to the European pond turtle, one of the few freshwater turtles in Europe, now a highly protected species. It used to be eaten as a fish by monks on a Friday! The marshland is also home to the Coypu, a small, sympathetic animal that can be harmful to the habitats of certain species by digging its burrows. Various birds can be seen feeding in this marsh landscape surrounded by tamarisks, fish, amphibians and dragonflies.


The Camargue Gardoise is classified as a “Grand Site de France”


The Camargue Gardoise has been classified as a “Grand Site de France” since 2014 thanks to the preservation of local actors and its unique identity. This label awarded by the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy aims to promote the conservation and enhancement of France’s classified high-profile natural sites with very high visitor numbers. This is why we are committed to improving the conditions of protection, rehabilitation and active management of the landscape, to better welcome our visitors and generate sustainable local development that benefits the locals.