Take time to take care of yourself!

I arrived in 2017 in Vauvert in the Gard Camargue, and, with my husband, we transformed an old town house from 1850 into magnificent gites and charming guest rooms that we called "Envie de Sud" .

I wanted to create a unique place to spend eco-responsible holidays in a heavenly environment and nature.

I love life, I don't sacrifice to stay in shape, I just take a little time out of my daily life to take care of myself!

My close environment, the Camargue and its wide open spaces , allows me to walk, run, cycle and eat healthy Mediterranean cuisine without any problem!


Here are my top 4 to stay in shape!

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Ursula's Top 4!




1 - Tasty Mediterranean cuisine


The land of the Gard Camargue and the Costières provides me with all the products I need for a balanced Mediterranean cuisine . Seasonal vegetables, plants, meat and fish make up most of my creative cooking.

There are many local producers around Vauvert and especially olive oil which remains the basis of the Mediterranean diet!

Attention eating "healthy" does not mean giving up pleasure, we too appreciate a glass of red wine and a little sweetness from time to time!


2 - A little yoga every morning!


Be regular but without constraint! If you want to practice it outdoors, the terrace of the new Parc Grégoire in Vauvert is ideal!

I offer you 4 times a year a "Time for me" formula, it is a Yoga and Well-Being stay in the heart of our guest house in the Camargue.


3 - A bit of running or hiking!


When I leave my house, I take advantage of marked trails to run or walk depending on my time! They take me either to the Costières and its landscapes of vineyards and orchards or to the Camargue side along the canals and ponds!

I discover each time a new color, smell or light in this preserved nature; you have to combine effort and pleasure!

I recommend, if you want to hike, the map guide "from the Costières to the ponds of Camargue" which offers you different loops for all levels!


4 - Cycling, of course!


I can leave home and find myself in the blink of an eye on the greenways, cycle tourism loops and even Eurovélo (Port de Gallician) for a quiet stroll or for a little sporting challenge when I'm motivated!

My little advice: I also take advantage, from time to time, of the open-air weight training park located next to the Gare de Vauvert for a little muscle strengthening session.



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