A vineyard, a meeting...

The vineyard project was born under the impetus of a young winemaker Edouard Sentex and his wife Lane Borden-Sentex.

From the Bordeaux region to Languedoc-Roussillon, via Chile, New Zealand and China, the skills acquired by Edouard Sentex enabled him to carry and develop the business.

"Un Coin Sur Terre" is the result of 12 years of experience and reflection spent in contact with the winemaking profession.

Lane Borden-Sentex comes from New Orleans (Louisiana), in the South East of the United States. This has given him a special affinity for everything that revolves around France and its culture. She landed in Vauvert in February 2012 to work in the vineyard (WWOOFING) and her heart has completely recovered.

In fact it wasn't only the culture, the landscapes, and the language, but it was also the meeting with a young winemaker who was working right next door in another winery! 

un coin sur terre vauvert un coin sur terre vauvert un coin sur terre vauvert


Organic(dynamic) and natural wines

Un Coin Sur Terre, has taken a stand for Organic Agriculture. An agriculture that represents them, that corresponds to them and that is based on observation, anticipation calling on their sensitivity. Moreover, their next objective is to move to Biodynamic Agriculture. Their will is to get even closer to the environment that welcomes them, hence: "A Corner on Earth".

A vineyard anchored in the "Costières"

The name "Un Coin Sur Terre" was chosen in order to highlight "the earth", an inseparable factor of the project, their vines and their wines ... and "Un Coin" named Vauvert on which their vines take root and grow.

The terroir of the "Costières" has been shaped over time. The Rhône and its bed play an important role in the character of their wines. The vines are planted on a multi-faceted soil and subsoil. The vines are among the southernmost in the Rhone Valley: they are at the gateway to the Camargue.

You will find them in the centre of a triangle formed by the cities of Nîmes, Montpellier and Arles, overlooking the Petite Camargue, at the junction of Languedoc and Provence.

A personalised welcome

Starting in March, Lane and Edouard offer a tasting each month in their winery. They take place on Friday evenings. 

The visits take place in their cellar where you will be surrounded by everything that evokes wine and vines. Live the experience with them, they will explain to you what they do every day for their small family estate. They will tell you about their harvesting and winemaking techniques, as natural as possible.

They will guide you through a tasting of white, rosé and red wines accompanied by small nibbles. You will be able to identify different aromas and flavours as well as to distinguish the differences in terroir. Depending on the season, there is also the possibility to taste the wines at different stages of vinification.


If you wish, you can make your own "Wine Route" and discover the other cellars and wineries of the area.