A historic vineyard

The area of the Petite Camargue is marked with different labels (from Vins de Pays to Appellation d’Origine Protégée). These indicators of quality reward the work of winemakers who have, over time, adapted their production and winemaking techniques to reveal the excellence of their terroir. You can visit these winemakers’ estates and taste their wines throughout the year and taking a tour of the region’s various cooperative cellars is another activity not to be missed.

mas du notaire cave gallician
vendange costières
vendange costières

Apellations et indications géographiques

wine and cellars

The rolled pebbles floor of PDO Costières de Nîmes provides top-of-the-range products whose reputation goes beyond our region, crowning the viticulturists' approach to excellence. The southernmost vineyards of Rhone produce wines with a fiery and resolutely festive character that sign their origin. The old Montcalm sand dune, a unique natural environment, invites you to taste the PGI Sable de Camargue.The appellation is best known for its gray and rosé wines. You will also discover around Aimargues, wines from the PGI Pays d’OC appellation. These Pays d'Oc wines are fruity and innovative, refined and contemporary.


domaine du vistre

Domaine du Vistre

The Dupret family, winemakers for several generations welcome you to the cellar of the domain.  

+33 (0)4 66 88 80 58
Château Beaubois Franquevaux

Chateau Beaubois

The inimitable style of "Beaubois" is based on its superb terroir of Villafranchian gravel and its fabulous location.

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château Roubaud Gallician

Château Roubaud

It was at Château Roubaud that the Costières wine was bottled in 1927 for the first time.

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Domaine de Bel Air la Côte

Domaine Bel Air la Côte

The Domaine de Bel-Air La Côte was born from the passion of a profession, winemaker, harvesting breeder. 

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domaine de montcalm

Domaine de Montcalm

Located in the heart of the Petite Camargue, the Domaine de Montcalm invites you to discover and share its organic vin des Sables.

+33 (0)4 66 73 51 52
Domaine de Valescure aimargues

Domaine de Valescure - Vineyards Guiraud

Converted to Organic Farming, the estate now combines modernity and tradition to offer you sulfur-free wines.

33 (0)4 66 88 03 77
Domaine du Père Guillot

Domaine du père Guillot

Come and meet the Domaine du Père Guillot protector of the terroir and traditions

+33 (0)4 74 69 14 02
Domaines Renouard Scamandre

Domaines Renouard Scamandre

The southernmost property in the Rhone Valley, Domaine Renouard is located in the protected area bordering the pond of Scamandre. 

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cave gallician

Gallician Signature

The Gallician winery has a pleasant wine cellar where you can discover a wide range of wines.  

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cave conviviale vauvert

La Cave Conviviale

David selects for you wine, beers and liquors.

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cave vauvert

Les Maîtres vignerons Costières et Garrigues

Since its creation in 1939, the Master Winegrowers Costières & Garrigues of Vauvert has built its reputation on quality and know-how.  

+33 (0)4 66 88 20 31
mas du notaire gallician

Mas du Notaire

Winegrowers for 5 generations, Le Mas du Notaire decided to do high-quality.

+33 (0)4 66 35 03 00