Santiago de Compostela

The Petite Camargue is crossed by the three most important European pilgrimage routes, the one that leads to Rome, known as “camin roumieu”, the “camin francigène” after Arles that leads to Jerusalem by sea passing by Saint-Gilles and Aigues-Mortes, and the one leading to Santiago de Compostela, known as the Via Tolosana at the time of the County of Toulouse, then the Arles Route after the arrival of Louis IX in the bay of Aigues-Mortes. The three are connected to the Regordane Route that went from Massif Central to Saint-Gilles.

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Vauvert, historic pilgrimage site

Vauvert is a step on the road to Santiago de Compostela, the road to Arles. This is the GR 653 long-distance hiking trail. The route to Santiago de Compostela, which has had centuries of pilgrimage, has become a place of adventure. Hikers and visitors discover an inexhaustible trail of discovery along the trail. Discover yourself and others, history and landscapes.

ACIR Compostelle

The Tourist Office is a member of the Agency for Interregional and Network Cooperation (ACIR).

ACIR is a professional association whose goal is to transmit the cultural heritage of the roads to Santiago de Compostela.

She can help you prepare for your pilgrimage and give you the right information and recommendations.


Practical guides


The Tourist Office offers two practical guides for your itinerary:

- Miam Miam Dodo "Saint-Jacques de Compostelle"

- Topo Guide "Saint-Jacques de Compostelle" - GR 653

Miam Miam Dodo "Saint-Jacques de Compostelle"

Topo Guide "Saint-Jacques de Compostelle" - GR 653



Useful information

The Pilgrim’s Passport

The pilgrim’s passport (also known as a credential) opens you to a duty of respect and tolerance, will become a cherished souvenir and is sometimes required to access some accommodation.

Where can I get a pilgrim’s passport?

ACIR “the Routes to Santiago de Compostela” 4 rue Clémence Isaure 31000 TOULOUSE (+33 (0)5 62 27 00 05)

Church of St. Trophime, 12 rue du Cloître ‎13200 ARLES (+33 (0)4 90 96 07 38) - Diocesan

Pilgrimage Office, 31 ter avenue Saint-Lazare 34000 MONTPELLIER (+33 (0)4 67 55 06 14) -

Where can I get my pilgrim’s passport stamped?

The Tourist Office will stamp your pilgrim’s passport along your journey. Many accommodation providers also have a custom stamp.