Du Vendredi 24 mars au Vendredi 24 mars 2023
Culture / Expositions

Show "Poetic Ratatouille"

As part of the Spring of Poets

Christian Clapier & Carlos Carrera

At 8:30 p.m.


Christian Clapier, alias le Griot Bleu, and Carlos Carrera work in perfect chemistry. The first is a poet avid of words and rhythms. He writes. He says. He declaims and reveals. The second is a translator. An interpreter and performer, absolute master of French sign language!

Since 2018, the time of a show, the time of a moment, the two souls associate and give birth to a: "Poetic Ratatouille!"...

The Griot declaims his texts and Carlos interprets them simultaneously in LSF...

Let's discover together this corpus of texts and this unique duo!

Entrance: 5€


Espace Jean-Jaurès



Atout Philo - 24 mars 2023
Atout Philo - 24 mars 2023