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Traditions camarguaises

“Manades, I love you! , it 's 23 dates from April to October to visit a herd close to home or on your discovery route.

Come and enjoy a moment of conviviality to meet the traditions and trades of herdsman and herdsman...

Intended for families and inhabitants wishing to take ownership of their living environment, for passing visitors in search of authenticity and even for aficionados in support of their manades, this unifying event will be above all open and festive.

The days and evenings at the herd will be punctuated by bullfighting and equestrian demonstrations: sorting of bulls, ferrade, cow races and/or herdsmen games will show the skill of the raseteurs, herdsmen and especially the bulls and horses!

Conviviality will be ensured throughout the day, in particular through musical entertainment offered by local peñas, gipsy and flamenco groups, etc. A refreshment area, held in association with the bullfighting club or the village festival committee, as well as a catering offer directly by the manade or a partner caterer will allow participants to spend a day at the rhythm of the entertainment.


Friday April 29 : Manade Saint Louis in Montcalm: Discovery Evening

Saturday April 30 & Friday October 28 : Manade Arlatenco in Aimargues

Sunday May 1st : Manade Saint Pierre in Le Cailar: Discovery Day

Saturday 07 May : Manade Cougourlier in Saint Laurent d'Aigouze

Saturday May 14 : Manade Martini in Franquevaux: Discovery Evening

Saturday May 21 : Manade Chaballier in Marsillargues

Saturday May 21 : Manade Lafisca in Le Cailar: Discovery Evening

Friday May 27 : Manade Sylvéréal in Vauvert: Discovery Day

Friday June 3 : Manade Cayzac in Beauvoisin: Discovery Day

Friday, June 3 : Manade l'Occitane in Aimargues

Saturday 04 June : Manade Mermoux in Boisseron

Friday, June 10 : Manade Vinuesa in Le Cailar

Saturday June 11 : Manade Yves and Anne Janin in Saussines

Friday, June 17 : Manade La Vidourlenque in Saint Laurent d'Aigouze: Discovery Evening

Sunday June 19 : Manade du Levant in Marsillargues

Sunday June 26 : Manade Agnel in Le Cailar: Discovery Day

Friday, September 02 : Manade Lafon in St Nazaire de Pezan

Saturday September 10 : Manade la Santenco Aubanel Baroncelli in Le Cailar

Saturday September 17 : Manade Salvini in Entre-Vignes

Friday, September 30 : Manade Milla La Comtesse in Aigues-Mortes

Saturday 01 October : Manade Félix in Aimargues: Discovery Day

Sunday 02 October : Manade Tommy in Lunel

Sunday 09 October : Manade des Oliviers in Congènies



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