A palette of flavours

A terroir with a strong character

Between Camargue and Costières, discover a rich and often unique terroir with multiple facets.

The know-how of our farmers, breeders and producers has also forged the attractiveness of this area.

From the vegetables of the sands to the wine of Costières, follow us and enjoy!

gardiane de taureau costières asperges des sables riz de Camargue vins costières


The Camargue Side


The Camargue bull, a unique taste!

The first French beef to be awarded a label as early as 1996, the Taureau de Camargue PDO owes its special character to the conditions in which the herds are reared, with the bulls grazing in semi-freedom in a variety of environments. Their continuous movements and their food, made up of a multitude of different plants, give their meat a unique finesse and taste. Our specialized butchers welcome you all year round to offer you meat and charcuterie. 


Vegetables from the sands, a local agricultural jewel !

  • Potatoes and carrots from the sands

They grow in sand dune strands, the incomparable taste qualities are due to the soil and the fineness of its sand, and to this is added the exceptional sunshine, without greenhouse and without tunnel. It is a fine and authentic product, potatoes, are grown all year round.


  • Célestine de Camargue asparagus or asparagus from the sands

It is a plant which particularly likes sandy soils, at the beginning of March, it is in the Camargue that the first white asparagus is delicately picked by hand.

From mid-March, the rest of the department, with the lower Rhône valley and Uzège in the lead, is in turn in production, reaching its optimum yield at the beginning of April. The quality of the different terroirs and the mildness of the climate combine to produce straight, white and fragrant asparagus that is highly prized by great chefs, but also green asparagus that is highly appreciated by connoisseurs .

The Gard has been the leading national producer for several years.

Camargue rice, a French exception!

Camargue is the leading region in France for rice production. Indeed, it offers an environment conducive to the cultivation of rice due to the abundance of water, salt, wind and of course the sun. The Camargue cultivates a particular rice, the red rice, a whole grain rice produced organically and dried naturally in the sun and also with the help of the Mistral wind. Watering and sowing take place at the beginning of April and harvesting begins in mid-September, there is only one harvest per year. 

The wine of the sands, the IGP Sable de Camargue!

A unique terroir, the vine is cultivated on dune sands from the Rhone Valley, marine and aeolian inputs forming the coastal strip. The wines produced are the image of the soils that nourished the vine. They are characterised by their finesse, delicacy, lightness and airy character. The grey, gris de gris and rosé wines, which are the majority, perfectly reflect the terroir by their pale salmon colour, their elegance in the mouth and their freshness.

                             The Costières Side


 Costières de Nîmes, wines with a southern character!

It is the most present appellation in our territory, labelled Vignobles et Découvertes, you will discover a vineyard that extends over the plateaux and hillsides overlooking the Rhone delta and the Mediterranean coast. The soil of the costières de Nîmes is essentially made up of pebbles rolled on clay-limestone soils, thus signalling their belonging to the Rhône valley. Aromatic, modern and elegant reds, fresh and delicate whites, fruity and festive rosés! Don't hesitate to come and visit our winegrowers, they welcome you all year round!

In the heart of the orchards!

Fruit growing is preponderant in the Costiere, many orchards are present. Apricots, peaches and nectarines will delight your taste buds.


You can also find many other local products, perhaps a little less emblematic, such as melons, strawberries, Aigues-Mortes fougasse... In the many restaurants of our region, you will be able to taste quality products from our region and our local producers will be pleased to welcome you.