Cycling in complete freedom

Our region offers excellent conditions for outdoor leisure activities throughout the year. Successive cycle-discovery loops, the Greenway and the ViaRhôna have led to the development of excursions in all forms.


Cycle tourism 

Cycle tourism routes are aimed at a public in search of “recreation” in the case of the Camargue Gardoise loop (17 km) and “sport” for the Costières loop (25 km). They can even make one single 40 km loop for real cycling enthusiasts! Cycle routes are marked and located on roads that are shared between bicycles and cars but selected for their low traffic and limited speed.

The Voie Verte

The Voie Verte is a dedicated, secure, accessible lane for all and reserved exclusively for non-motorised travel: pedestrians, cyclists, rollerbladers and people with reduced mobility. From Vauvert to Gallician, 7 km of 3-metre wide lane offer a route with few gradients and intersections with roads. It runs along the Philippe Lamour irrigation canal and is connected to the Camargue Gardoise cyclo-discovery loop at each end. 


It is a cycle route (bicycle route) along the Rhone and the Rhone-Sète canal, which connects Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean

Sea over a distance of almost 700 km. It is a beautiful walk to be made between the marina of Gallician and the beach of l'Espiguette du Grau-du-Roi.

You will take the old canal towpaths without missing the view of the marshes from the Carbonnière Tower, before reaching Aigues-Mortes, a medieval fortified town, and then discovering the coastline.


VTT Balade en Camargue

VTT Balade en Camargue

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The Kayak Vert base of Sylvéréal, offers rental of mountain bike and many routes.

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