A unique experience !

Votive festivals ”, “Lunch in the meadow”, “ Abrivado longue ”, “Bouvine” you don’t understand much of the local dialect?

Do not panic ! During your vacation in the Camargue , if you want to spend a festive and friendly time in the heart of Camargue traditions , our partners offer you an immersion in traditional bullfighting festivals .

During summer votive festivals, they will take you in a horse-drawn carriage or electric scooter to have “lunch in the meadow” which is the first component of a typical day of votive celebration. They will accompany you to the meadows where it all begins!

They will explain to you the sorting of the bulls made by the “gardians”, riders mounted on their Camargue horses , and will offer you a sweet and savory breakfast composed of local products. You will then follow part of the abrivado, the route of the bulls and horses, from the meadows to the arena.

lunch at the Pré Camargue Camargue votive festival Camargue votive festival



Convinced! We give you the instructions for use



The stages of your immersion discovery:


  1. First, find the votive festival that corresponds to your dates of stay: HERE
  2. Choose the type of support you want and book because our partners are in high demand:



With Serge and Camargue Autrefois

With Sylvie and Jean-Noël and the Calèches de Camargue

With Georges and the Calèches de la Clapière .


By scooter or electric bike

With Stéphane and Happy Tour Camargue