A qualified guide will take you to a unique region in the world, where the marriage of land and water has given a magical dimension to the landscapes he has created.

Services : From a 2-hour walk to the Petit Rhône, the bull run, the Camargue countryside, a day trip to the pine forest and the beach, bivouac on the beach around a fire and to the sound of guitars, the approach of a bull run or a hike of several days...

Come and explore the wilderness of the Camargue with our horses and share unforgettable moments with your mount. Dare to gallop in the wilderness and feel the incredible feeling of freedom that only a horse can provide

les chevaux de sylvéréal les chevaux de sylvéréal


Prices in Euro from Min Max
Horse tour NC NC
Promenade 3h 60 60
Promenade journée 120 120
La pinède la nuit 160 160

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  • Languages : French