Du Samedi 18 mars au Samedi 18 mars 2023
Culture / Expositions

Theatre: Guardians

Fanny Cabon

As part of International Women's Day


"From 1920 to the present day, ten mothers, daughters and sisters from the same family give their testimonies on the discovery of love, sexuality, childbirth. They share hidden, buried stories, which were never told and only say (still now) most of the time between women and lift the veil on their intimacy, with honesty, poetry, tenderness and humor on secrets and acts sometimes prohibited with what that implied before the Veil law. "


Show voted BEST ALONE ON STAGE AVIGNON OFF 2018 by Avignon in Unison.


At 8:30 p.m.

Family audience, from 13 years old - Free.


Salle Bizet

Rue Louise Désir



04 66 73 10 73

Théatre Gardiennes - Samedi 18 mars à Vauvert
Théâtre Gardiennes - Samedi 18 mars à Vauvert