Du Samedi 25 mars au Samedi 25 mars 2023
Enfants / Famille

Pestacle "Allan Watsay, private investigator" at 2:00 p.m.

The association `` the dream and the soul acts ''

Show full of humor and magic


Nicolas visits his grandmother to help her tidy up her attic. Not very fun you might say? Except that by putting some order, he will realize that he still has a lot of things to learn from his missing grandfather. He knew very well that he was a magician, but until then Nicolas did not believe in real magic. Thanks to his surprise meeting with his grandfather's assistant who is none other than Lili, the little mouse, Nicolas may change his mind!

From 4 years old - 40 min

Entrance: 3 € - On reservation


Centre Culturel Robert Gourdon

02 avenue Robert Gourdon



04 66 88 23 63

Pestacle Vauvert - Samedi 25 mars 2023
Pestacle Vauvert - Samedi 25 mars 2023