Le Dimanche 07 avril
Sunday, April 07, 2019- Organized by the city, in partnership with the Chamber of Agriculture, Welcome to the farm and activist of the Taste
All day, several markets in a large market: farmers market, arts and crafts, flower market, flea market and garage sale, winemakers pole, cooking workshops, mini farm, parade of Arlésiennes, Provencal music ...
At 15:30 - Trophy of As - Entry: 12 €
Jourdan of the Nicollin manade, Darbaud of the Saumade manade, Ubaye of the Paulin manade, Souvignarguais of the Baumelles manade, Valento of the Lagarde manade, Pirate of the manate Blatière-Bessac, Galaad of the Lagarde manade


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